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Silvija Stewart, owner of Something Different

Silvija Stewart, owner of Something Different

After seven successful and fulfilling years on the High Street I have moved my business online so I can continue selling products I feel passionate about to a wider audience.

All my life I have been drawn to the unusual and eclectic. I love to travel and have always admired, and been inspired by, different cultures and traditions. My passion continues to be about colour, especially in textiles – the story it tells, and the impact it has on our wellbeing and surroundings from ancient times to modern day.

We have a vast range of dowry cushions from Pakistan’s Swat Valley embroidered by young maidens looking forward to their wedding day. The influence of these cushions, so intricately embroidered in vibrant, traditional geometric designs, can be traced all the way from Pakistan to the north of Russia and across from west of Europe to the east of Asia.

Our bronzes from Burkina Faso have another story to tell. This was the centre of the African Iron Age and is still shrouded in anthropological mystery.

This fascinates me and is really what drives my quest to find products that will not only be a unique addition to your home but also a talking point because of their cultural meaning. Something Different isn’t just a business for me. It’s an ethos for life; a desire to continue discovering and sharing that journey with anyone else who is like-minded and has a passion for beautiful things you don’t see every day.

I do hope you will enjoy shopping with Something Different. We offer complimentary gift-wrapping if requested and UK P&P is FREE on all shipping up to 7kg in weight.


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